Welcome to our blog.   My name is Dr David Patton ( I am a Senior Lecturer in criminology) and I lead the blog.  This blog is written by staff and students for students and professionals.  Our purpose is to connect with our readers and share valuable content.

The goal for our Leeds Metropolitan University student readers is primarily to share accessible, insightful, and useful content that you can apply to your studies that will help you to be even more successful, effective and happy whilst studying with us.  It is hoped that prospective students may also find the content useful and provide you with a feel for the supportive environment we seek to offer at Leeds Met.

The goal for our professional readers is to share snippets from our current research projects, share our commentary on key developments in criminology, criminal justice and psychology and most importantly make connections and partnerships with you.

If you would like to get to know us better, please visit our staff page and our student bloggers page for individual profiles.



You can subscribe to our blog from our home page.

We also have a Criminology Degrees Facebook page that you can join.

You can also follow us on Twitter @leedsmetcrim



You can contact me direct on d.j.patton@leedsmet.ac.uk


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